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ASISTIM is an expert in airline flight operation services, offering airlines the freedom and flexibility to build and evolve their operational environment as they grow. With ASISTIM, airlines are improving operational agility through outsourcing parts of their flight operations to a professional team of airline experts, that have the skills and resources to accommodate any operation of any size and complexity.

Unlike other flight support providers, is ASISTIM exclusively dedicated to flight operations of airlines. Understanding airline processes is our competitive edge. Over the years the ASISTIM Airline Services has become one of the most recognized global aviation service providers in this field.

ASISTIM is not only providing services to airlines but is also dedicated to the education of airline flight dispatchers. The ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy is an approved organization for training flight dispatchers (German CAA LBA NTO Certificate No. 12324). The academy conducted its first training programs solely focusing on the education of flight dispatchers and flight operations officers (FOO) in 2008.

All Airline Services are based on the regulatory requirements of the CAA responsible for our customers and are in compliance with EU-Regulation 965/2012, Subpart B (AIR-OPS) and other regulatory requirements including those outlined in the Customer’s operational approval




Delivering sophisticated airline flight operation services to a highly specialized commercial aviation industry demands skills beyond products and structures. Fundamental knowledge is acquired through our own team and the staff of our customers. Working as a team by integrating our services into the organization of our customers is our key for long lasting business relationship.

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