Flight Dispatch Training Programs

The ASISTIM Academy offers a wide variaty of flight dispatch trainings. Both as initial and refresher courses. With these courses airlines fulfill all ICAO recommondations as well as any requirement of an IOSA audit according to the ICAO doc. 7192-AN/857 Part D-3.

The ASISTIM Academy License Program fulfills the requirements of the German Civil Aviation Authority (LBA).

The following topics are covered in the refresher courses as well as in the German License Program:

  • Air Law & Regulations
  • Air Traffic Control and Management
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Aircraft systems and functions
  • Aviation Indoctrination
  • Communication
  • Dispatch Resource Management
  • Flight Monitoring
  • Flight Planning
  • Mass & Balance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and Flight Planning
  • Security

These subjects are offered at regular intervals in block courses (Module A, B or C) but can also be assigned as individual courses to fulfill the requirements of an IOSA audit.

Other Courses

Besides the usual recurrend refresher courses the ASISTIM Academy offers a variety of other training courses on particular issues for flight dispatchers.

The following courses are offered during one course year:

For additional information or requests please don‘t hesitate to contact our training department anytime.
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The team of the ASISTIM Academy

Course Certificates

Trainees who have completed a training course with ASISTIM are issued with a certificate that confirms that the recipient has successfully completed the attended courses. The certificate also displays the training content and the total classroom hours allocated to each subject.
Course fees and trainer fees are dependent on the course type and are published on the appropriate enrolment form.

Our trainings

We have established a training program which allows airlines to fulfill the IOSA training requirements by adhering to the training syllabus given in ICAO doc. 7192-AN/857 Part D-3 which is the basement of our brief but challenging training Program.

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