Dispatch Refresher Program

1 Week Training Course (40 hrs)

This 1-week Dispatch Refresher Course contains a brief but challenging training-program in accordance with the training recommendations for Flight Operations Officers as laid down in ICAO doc. 7192- AN/857 Part D-3 and the requirements established by IOSA standards.
In order to capture above mentioned requirements and recommendations ASISTIM set up a three part module (A, B and C) recurrent training solution that will cover the complete syllabus within the requested three years. The degree of expertise for this Dispatch Refresher Course is tailored to the needs of airline staff working in operations control and is derived from the daily experience in our own Dispatch Center.



  • Thunderstorms/ aircraft icing
  • Visibility and RVR
  • Surface/upper air observations, station model
  • Non geographical and graphical weather, aeronautical reports, aeronautical forecasts
  • Analysis of surface and upper air charts, prognosis charts
  • Meteorological services for international air navigation


  • Basic Navigation
  • Navigational Facilities
  • Terminal and en-route charts
  • SIDs, Stars and Approach charts

Air Law & Regulations

  • ICAO / IATA / FAA / EU and Chicago Convention
  • Air Operators Certificate
  • Operations Manual
  • International / National Air Law

Flight Monitoring

  • Position of Aircraft
  • Flight Monitoring resources
  • Position reports
  • Effects of ATC reroutes
  • Flight equipment failures
  • En-route weather changes
  • Ground resource availability
  • Emergency situations

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Aircraft Performance

  • Principles of flight and basic aerodynamics
  • Aircraft performance characteristics
  • Performance tables and calculations
  • A/C weight definitions and declared distances
  • Stages of flight
  • Special Procedures

Aircraft systems and functions

  • Fuel
  • Emergency equipment
  • Electrical system
  • Powerplant
  • Hydraulic systems

Flight Planning

  • Flight planning basics
  • Fuel / Load planning and calculation
  • Airway structure and limitation
  • Route and alternate selection
  • Navigation Charts
  • Flight plan computation
  • ETOPS requirements
  • Special airports

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Dispatch Resource Management

  • Introduction
  • Social competence and skills
  • Working in a team
  • Communication
  • Conflicts and discussion
  • Emotions and impact
  • Self perception

Air Traffic Control and Management

  • Air traffic services
  • ICAO airspace classifications
  • Flight rules
  • AIS
  • RVSM


  • Introduction
  • Communications equipment
  • IFR communication basics
  • Radio telephony

Mass & Balance

  • Aircraft Specification
  • Mass and Balance Load Control
  • Manual Load - and trim sheet preparation A320

Dangerous Goods introduction for Dispatchers

  • Limitation
  • Classification
  • Identification
  • Packing
  • Marking and labelling
  • Documentation
  • Handling

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Our trainings

We have established a training program which allows airlines to fulfill the IOSA training requirements by adhering to the training syllabus given in ICAO doc. 7192-AN/857 Part D-3 which is the basement of our brief but challenging training program.

The ASISTIM Academy provides dispatchers an extensive and varied training program in our own facilities in Hannover, Germany.
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