The ASISTIM back office system support scope offers a variety of different navigation services, which are: Data Services, Route Development, Route Maintenance, Aircraft Performance, Airport Database and Traffic Rights.

With years of experience in this special subjects and through our expert staff, ASISTIM is specialized in being able to offer detailed advice in the areas mentioned above. Through our advice, our customers are able to optimize their workflows and processes to perfect costs and operating times.

Administration of all parameter settings for automatic flight plan calculation. Such as weather minima and NOTAM checking

Alternate database listing of all routes to customer destinations and airport fleet type database administration. Selection of alternates per fleet type to be used by the alternate database.

Development and maintenance of a route database, including alternate route database using official sources of information including AIP's, RAD, SRD's, AIC's, NOTAM etc.

Provision of monthly AIRAC update of the route and NAV database.


Thanks to its fully trained dispatchers (as per FAA FAR, ICAO, LBA standards), ASISTIM provides these services efficiently, economically and precisely. High standards of training and education enables ASISTIM to offer more operational flexibility. This directly converts into substantial economic customer benefits for customers thanks to decreasing operational costs, and significantly reducing fuel, flight-time and en-route charges.


ASISTIM Operations Engineering can offer an all encompassing portfolio with regards to Aircraft Performance for small to mid-sized airlines. The core service is the Airport Performance Manual or the "classic" aircraft take-off and landing performance in electronic or paper format. Other services include airport analysis and surveillance, driftdown analysis, oxygen escape routes, aircraft weight & balance, brake cooling time and special ILS approach minima calculations.

Loading of existing sets of company routes into the flight planning system aswell as performance Data Loading into the flight planning system. Aircraft Data Loading into the flight planning system and operational flight plan layout modifications and adjustments.

ASISTIM's Driftdown Analysis considers obstacle clearances and provides alternative flight paths for every point en-route and delivers parameters such as the driftdown flight path, minimum altitude, speed or level off, all considering fuel consumption.

ASISTIM ensures that the Oxygen Escape Route requirements can be met on your planned routing, when you are overflying areas where the minimum en route safe altitude is such that the aircraft is unable to descend and transit at 10,000ft. ASISTIM develops Oxygen Escape Routes on all of your relevant routes, including graphical route output.

To make optimum use of existing airport capacity - slot allocation is one of the instruments that can help reduce or handle capacity constraints satisfactorily.
Airport Slot Coordination is becoming an increasingly important factor for maintaining healthy commercial schedules. Professional management and a detailed knowledge of airline scheduling and slot allocation are therefore essential.

Our team has the competence and experience to professionally manage airlines of different operational types and volumes such as Charter, Scheduled Services, Executive, Low Cost, and Cargo. It makes no difference if you are an airline located in Europe or outside: the crucial factor is that we have a complete picture of what is going on at every airport, every day.

Support for customers' commercial department in obtaining, payload estimated block times, block times, and traffic rights. Diplomatic clearance database. Dip clear numbers to be shown on flight plan and/or ATS filing strip.

ASISTIM has proven experience in slot allocation and airline scheduling, and direct contact to Airport Coordination Germany (FHKD). We provide in depth expertise on demand and capacity management at all major German airports, and will provide you with the appropriate slots to successfully operate your schedule.

ASISTIM is constantly in close contact with its customers and all relevant coordinators. We attend the biannual IATA slot conferences either with the airline representative or on their behalf. We will arrange and attend the appointments to support our customers in their discussions with the international coordinators.
We provide the same service for the EUACA (European Union Airport Coordinators Association) annual SOM (Scheduled Optimisation Meeting).

At present, 215 airports worldwide, and 45 airports in the EU, are slot coordinated. With a growing number of Level 2 categorised airports changing to Level 3, slot allocation according to Council Regulation (EEC) 95/93 of 18.1.1993 and adopted regulation 793/2004 is increasingly becoming a serious business factor.

ASISTIM offers an initial, seasonal and a 24/7 ad hoc slot allocation service worldwide according to IATA Guidelines. SCR and SMA coordination will be handled within 1 hour up to 3 days, depending on the feedback and office hours of the responsible coordinator.

Airport Slot Coordination
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