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We are thrilled to announce that we are now a SITA company. The new structure combines ASISTIM's expertise in flight operations services and our dedicated flight dispatcher academy, with SITA's unique airline OCC software, IT solutions and global customer reach, to transform the aviation industry.

"As Managing Director of ASISTIM, I am incredibly excited to share this milestone with our valued clients and partners," said Patrick Rossmann. "By joining forces with SITA, we are expanding our capabilities and enhancing our commitment to providing unmatched service and innovation in airline flight operations. Being part of SITA will bring tremendous benefits to our employees and existing customers, ensuring we continue to deliver top-quality services while leveraging SITA's extensive resources and expertise."

ASISTIM has been an innovator in the industry since its inception, similarly to SITA. Under SITA, this innovation will continue and accelerate as we build on ASISTIM’s foundation to expand our offerings, reach more customers, and cover a larger area. Together, we are breaking boundaries and simplifying processes to achieve more efficient, sustainable, and profitable operations across the entire value chain.

This is an exciting time for ASISTIM, and we are eager to embark on this new journey with SITA. We look forward to continuing our mission to revolutionize airline flight operations and support the aviation industry’s evolving needs.

For more information please follow following links:  SITA PR link  SITA Landing Page.