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Hands-On Training for ASISTIM Flight Operations Officers.

In our vocational education programs that are based on the ICAO Doc. 10106 and the principles of CBTA, practical training will play leading role in the future. Practical hands-on training is the basis for developing the activity-based component of professional competence.


We are aiming to better prepare our OCC staff, in this case Alexandra Lennard and Mirko, for their current and future role as Flight Operation Officers / Flight Dispatchers in our own Airline Operations Control Center.


As part of the Basic Training FOO/FOA we implemented a practical component such as:


Ground Handling Safety

Airport Operations

Ground Service Equipment

Apron and Parking Stand

Aircraft Handling


A big thank you goes to the Hannover Airport for supporting us in this matter. Are you interested in our Initial/Basic Program including this practical component? then contact us on