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Interning at ASISTIM

We are very happy to have Yaro Stam with us for his college Internship. Yaro is studying “Aviation Operations Officer” at the at the MBO College Centrum in Amsterdam and has chosen ASISTIM for his mandatory five moths internship experience.

The primary purpose of our partnership with MBO College Airport in the Netherlands is to offer an academic internship that will allow students to better understand the theories, ideas, and practices of commercial aviation by actively engaging in a "hands-on," work-based, learning experience. And what is more suitable than an Airline Operation Control Center where it all comes together?  We are very pleased to give the students the time for inquiry. Inquiry in seeking to learn by asking and observing. Allowing themselves to be curious explorers and investigators during their time with us.

“Interning at ASISTIM is such an amazing opportunity for the students of Aviation Operations at MBO College Airport. We are going all in; guiding Yaro Stam in his learning process while developing his critical thinking and leadership skills. What an inspiring company to put theory into practice!”
Team Aviation Operations / MBO College

Thank you Team MBO College Airport and
Welcome Yaro!