Airline Flight Planning
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The ASISTIM Flight Operations Officers / Flight Dispatchers will take care of our customers operational flight plans (OFP) ensuring a safe and efficient daily flight planning. They provide customers flight crews with optimized flight plans and uptodate flight documentation / crew briefings on all operational matters. The briefings are made available through crew briefing applications or are directly fed into the customers electronic flight bag.

ASISTIM ensures that all OFP are provided to the customer services relating to:

  • Safe operation of the Customer aircraft and Crew
  • Compliance with involved CAA, EU-Regulation 965/2012, Subpart B (AIR-OPS) and other regulatory requirements including those outlined in the Customer’s operational approval
  • Delivery of a punctual, efficient and cost-effective services in accordance with the Customer standards specified in their operations manuals.

Thanks to its fully trained dispatchers (as per FAA FAR, ICAO, LBA standards), ASISTIM AOCC provides all rendered services efficiently, economically and precisely.

The AOCC Training Syllabus for FOO / Flight Dispatcher are based on the ICAO recommendations laid down in Annex 6, Part 1, Chapters 3, 4 and 10- Doc.10106 and fulfill the EASA Regulations ORO.GEN.110(c).


A considerable part of efficient airline flight planning is ATC Slot Management. In particular when operating in and out of the ECAC Area. The ASISTIM AOCC has acquired in-depth knowledge over many years in airspace management and air traffic management, to optimize and ensure high levels of aircraft utilization and on-time performance through precise ATC slot management.


ASISTIM is an official distribution partner of the PPS Flight Planning Software from AIR SUPPORT. Not only distributing the technology but also using the PPS Flight Planning in our own Airline Operations Control Centre allows us to demonstrate all features of this powerful and flexible tool.

The service-oriented architecture of the PPS Flight Planning Software makes the addition of new services easier and the integration of other customers systems
such as weight and balance, operation control, and EFB systems seamless.