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Cloud technologies are well established, since the internet infrastructures have been improved to also meet the high requirements of the commercial aviation. Classic IT solutions within an airline environment are increasingly shifting towards cloud IT solutions as they are offering greater flexibility at lower cost. The IT infrastructure of an airline (e.g. server / client infrastructure) has to be exchanged partially or completely every 3-5 years. This implies high investment and operating costs. For small to midsized airlines these cost are hard to shoulder. As a result in 90% of the cases, the systems are not fitted with the appropriate redundancy level and are only secured by backup processes.

Integrate just a single software or a whole suite of applications. Our professional caretakers are watching over your data and software, housekeeping to maintain everything is proper and tidy and at the same time guarding your devices and applications day and night! Below some examples of customer applications that are hosted in our cloud.

Airline Cloud Services


ASISTIM has signed a long term cooperation with PC Aire to offer Cosmic Radiation Reporting. Due to the EU Directive 96/29 Euratom, are airlines obliged document and report the effective dose of cosmic radiation resulting from flights, to their flying staff. The software that ASISTIM uses to render this service is licensed by the German Civil Aviation Authority the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA). ASISTIM is able to set up an interface our software to any flight planning system and make the calculated doses available in your crewing system. For customers of the flight planning software PPS we can offer a “plug and play solution”.


ASISTIM can help CUSTOMERS prepare for an IOSA audit by assisting with interpretation of standards and showing how to conform to the requirements of the IOSA Standards Manual. This can include updating documentation, conducting gap analysis and compliance audits in each IOSA area.

ASISTIM has to offer:

  • Safety, Compliance & Operational Excellence
  • Manual Writing, Amendment Service & Document Control
  • Advisory & Mentoring
  • IOSA preparation (assistance)


The ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy is an approved organization for training flight dispatchers (German CAA LBA NTO Certificate No. 12324). The academy conducted its first training programs solely focusing on the education of flight dispatchers and flight operations officers (FOO) in 2008.

Over the years the ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy has become the most recognized global aviation operations training organization for dispatchers. This achievement rests upon the consistently high-quality learning experience for all students from the outset. A successful dispatch training program necessitates more than a training syllabus devoted to flight dispatchers. It also requires bestin-class trainers and a well-implemented quality system that continuously monitors the academy’s performance.


Our consultants as well as our associates and partner companies have proven track records and excellent customer references when it comes to the following areas of commercial airline operations:

  • Revenue Management
  • Aircraft and Parts
  • Flight Operations
  • Airline Start-Ups
  • Ground Transportation and Logistics