ASISTIM is an official distribution partner of the PPS Flight Planning Software from AIR SUPPORT. Not only distributing the technology but also using the PPS Flight Planning in our own H24 Flight Dispatch Center allows us to demonstrate all features of this powerful and flexible tool.

The service-oriented architecture of the PPS Flight Planning Software makes the addition of new services easier and the integration of your weight and balance, operation, and core systems seamless.

Tackle your two biggest cost areas – fuel and labor – with a flight planning software developed by the world's leading airline IT services provider.

We are offering PPS 8 as hosted version on our high security server farm. The system is fully redundant and seperated in different technique and fire compartments. That ensures a fully maintained and up to date flight planning system at any time. Additionally it safes your own IT capacity.

For the interactive flight planning of our customers we are currently operating seven server in a high availability cloud. Via these servers, we make the applications available to the users by “Citrix application delivery” similar to a local installed program. In addition another seven servers run for automatic dispatch and data synchronization.

Separated from the live system ASISTIM has set up additional server as a test environment for PPS updates, here they get tested thoroughly before they are being installed to the live environment.

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ASISTIM provides customer airlines with the PPS Flight Planning Software application from AIR SUPPORT for their own local flight dispatching. This allows customers to maximize use of the application, and benefit from all the sustainable advantages without having to support the system with a back office. ASISTIM provides you with access to the application, maintains all company and seasonal data, coordinates your requirements for future development, and represents your interest at user conferences etc. PPS Flight Planning Software helps your dispatchers and pilots evaluate all the external factors that affect flight plans and react more quickly to this ever-changing environment. This advanced, comprehensive system promptly calculates the best OFP, taking into consideration weather, navigational data, airport restrictions and other influences.

ASISTIM back-office can analyze the suitability of your operational requirements. We clarify runway dimensions, obstacle situation, pavement classification and ground facilities, etc. We also determine the most convenient routes with respect to all relevant regulations, economic and operational demands.

automates route maintenance and provides self planning tools for pilots

bundles flight specific documents into one package for the flight crew and makes it available through the Internet

gives critical "notices to airmen" regarding flight planning and operations

reviews route restrictions and automatically determines flyable routes

lets operators analyse their seasonal schedule based on historical winds

calculates a variety of optimum flight plans reflecting chosen criteria such as fuel cost and/or over flight charges

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