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Asistim Cloud via other browser than internet explorer

Open the following website:

Enter your user name and your password to sign in.

After login you can see an overview of all available programs and options.

Select the required program.

A download starts in the bottom bar. Click on it.

The RemoteApp pops up and you have to confirm the connection. Press "connect". If you don’t want to see this message again, activate the check box "Don’t ask me again for remote connections from this publisher".

Enter your user name and password again. If you enter your data once the system remembers it until you sign out.

Remember to add the domain name asistim\ in front of your user name like in the following example and confirm your entry:

The RemoteApp starts to connect to the selected program (in this case to PPS8 Flight Planning). This could take a few moments.

The program pops up in a separated tab and you can start to work.