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Terrain Analysis for Elite Avia


Our Airline Operations Control Centre Flight Support team has just completed a Terrain Analysis for Elite Avia Malta. The analysis covered several route segments over the Trans-Alay Mountain Range on the frontier between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It is the most northerly range of the Pamirs and extends for about 150 NM east-west in an unbroken chain of snow-covered peaks. Its highest point is Lenin Peak, at 23,406 feet. The B747 is not as critical in terms of drift down but cabin depressurization is just as much an issue for a four engine aircraft when operating over such terrain. Decomp. profile acc. FPPM requires a decent to 14,000 feet after 40 mins.

For the Flight Support Team it is not every-day-work but now and then new aircraft types have to be analyzed, escape route scenarios have to be developed and of course they need to be maintained.