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Welcome Tim!

It is with great pleasure to announce that effective 01.05.2023, Tim Kowalski will be joining ASISTIM as Chief Operating Officer, as part of the company's implementation of a C-level structure in senior management.

This change aims to optimize the organization of tasks and responsibilities towards the company's esteemed customers, with a goal of establishing a diverse and healthy management board setup. This will lay the foundation for further business opportunities.

Svensen Rossmann, CEO and Founder of ASISTIM, shared his thoughts on the C-level structure implementation and the appointment of Tim Kowalski: "A C-level structure will allow for a better organization of tasks and responsibilities towards our valued customers. My objective is to have a diverse and healthy management board set-up, which is an essential base for creating further business opportunities and at the same time this will give us a futureproof market appearance and reputation. I am very happy that Tim Kowalski has decided to join our team and supports us in this endeavor."

With Tim Kowalski's extensive 25-year leadership and business experience in well-known corporates such as TUI, Lufthansa Group, German Airways, and other midsize companies, he has gained profound experience in the aviation and travel industry. Tim Kowalski's international network in the airlines, airports, charter, leisure, executive, and tour operator sectors will undoubtedly bring a wealth of value to ASISTIM.