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ASISTIM Announces Arrival of New Servers - Paving the Way for Improved Customer Experience

ASISTIM, a leading provider of airline services, is pleased to announce the arrival of 27 new servers that will play a key role in enhancing its technology infrastructure. The new servers, which arrived in the past few days, mark a significant milestone in ASISTIM's efforts to improve its services and provide its customers with the latest technology.

The new servers will be prepared and set up by the team at CiRROX – Airline Cloud Platform, before undergoing rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and full integration with ASISTIM's existing technology infrastructure. The testing phase will identify any bugs or issues, allowing them to be resolved before the servers are put into full operation.

Once the testing phase is complete and the servers are operating smoothly, they will become available for customer use in the second quarter of 2023. ASISTIM's Airline customers can expect to enjoy improved reliability, enhanced performance, and access to the latest technology as a result.

ASISTIM's focus on preparation and testing will ensure that the new servers are fully integrated into the company's technology infrastructure and operating at their best. This will translate into a better customer experience for Airline customers, who will benefit from increased reliability and performance.

ASISTIM's commitment to providing the best possible customer experience will continue to drive its efforts to enhance its technology infrastructure and services.