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ASISTIM is happy to announce USC GmbH as a new customer of ASISTIM’s flight planning service.

Our agreement initiates a cooperation for flight support, including the implementation of the Flight planning software PPS 8 & AIMS, back office support, Flight Watch /OCC/ Dispatch, and Crew Contact and Crew planning.

Founded in 2020 by airline professionals with many years of experience in the aviation business, USC GmbH mediates and implements air freight services as well as aircraft leasing.

USC GmbH is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and has full traffic rights to worldwide destinations providing passenger and cargo transportation, Cargo transportation.

They have a fleet of A340-600 & A340-300 and will dispatch their freight aircraft for scheduled or urgent ad-hoc high-speed transport from Europe to five continents.

USC GmbH expertise lies in the field of heavy and outsize shipments, dangerous and perishable goods, and in providing humanitarian relief and logistic support.

The start-up is expected to commence service operations from fall 2022, and we are looking forward to a great cooperation between ASISTIM and USC GmbH in the near future.

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